Dear Stonecoast Review readers,

Our Winter 2017 issue is now available online and on Amazon!

Within these pages you will find over seventy-five works of fiction,
creative nonfiction, poetry, drama, and visual art from more than
twenty-five contributors, including Stonecoast faculty member David
Anthony Durham, Stonecoast alumni Brenda Cooper, David Arroyo, AJ
Bauers, and Gregory Martin, and Stonecoast student Jen George.

A river runs through this issue (a fitting motif for these turbulent
times)—not only in pieces like “My Grandfather’s River,” “Night Ride
Along the River,” and “Surfacing: Three Voices,” but also in pieces like
“Civility & Desire,” “A Rural November – 16 Days,” and “Linda,” crashing
through boundaries of genre and form. We love publishing writing that
takes chances, and that reflects the beauty and diversity of our global

With this in mind, we will open again for submissions in early
February 2018. As always, we want to hear from communities and
cultures who too often find themselves pushed into the margins. Your
voices are important, and we want to help amplify them in whatever
small way we can.

Journals like ours aren’t created in a vacuum. They take dozens of
people and hundreds of hours to assemble. The issue you hold in your
hands would not exist without the tireless efforts of our team of
volunteers, nor without readers like you. If you enjoy what you’ve read,
please spread the word.

On a personal note, we know that 2017 has been an incredibly tough
year. While writing, photography, and other creative pursuits might
seem frivolous in the face of violence against people of color, attacks
on women’s rights, and so many other atrocities, art remains one of the
most powerful ways we can push back against the darkness. So lift your
pen, your brush, your camera, your voice—whatever your weapon of
choice—and let us push back together.

Peter Adrian Behravesh

Jess Flarity