To be Serenaded by Mariachi

Written By: Michelle Donahue

Like the brassy

echo of the heart expelled from an open

mouth, an instant

gunshot of string-ached vibration. Sing

what it’s like to feel Queretaro in your skin, buzzing

with the song filling

all your hollows, the only volume

earsplitting loud. Tan pants seamed with gold

eagles like the one on the flag with a snake being

eaten. And then,

the metallic-edged bombast sweeping trumpet

rising, tangled

with the voice peeled pure and hard as the clavicle

rising like a mountain

as you arch into that sound

you’re full of this, this rising

feeling of skin stripped to the bone.

Michelle Donahue has work published in CutBank, Word Riot, Bayou Magazine and others. She was the managing editor of Flyway and is a prose editor for Adroit Journal. She has an MFA from Iowa State and is pursuing a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Utah.