Ornery Telemachus Takes Charge Around the Campfire

Written By: John Davis

Odysseus, get me a beer and don’t pump

quirky Trojan War stories into the air.

Sexy Circe, that’s who you’re thinking about.

Uzis. Dad, we need uzis, not those Molotov

wicked cocktails. You’re not the badass fox

you once were, all spritz and glitz.

Athena is not going to flick her magic thumb,

cut down Antinous with her wings while crippled

Eumaeus gets his goats to baa and we knock off

gobs of the suitors. It’s not a 1-2 punch-

Ithaca-is-mine kind of thing. First we find a raj,

kick his ass, get his money, hire a Navy SEAL,

make him bloody up the place. Then we take the town.

John Davis is the author of two collections: Gigs and The Reservist. His recent work appears in DMQ Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Iron Horse Literary Review, and Rio Grande Review. He lives on an island near Seattle, teaches high school and performs in rock n roll bands.