On Seeing an Old Copy of Vogue on a Chair

Written By: David Dodd Lee

For all I know I was meant to be
              a microtonal
                                           cartoon character
              happy    and     tragic                        doomed
              to enter             the door   held open

              a polite booing                         He
                                          is lying down          milady
What is  is                       O to flirt    or      hang

Frogs     and      butterflies
              aren’t obliged to stay longer than they do
              They’re already

from “Uncollected Poems” section of Collected Poems 1956-1987

David Dodd Lee is a collage artist and painter. The author of nine books of poems, his latest is Animalities, published by Four Way Books. He is presently working on a book of gothic / horror poems in a book that takes place in Appalachia. He lives in Northern Indiana.