When angry, Koko calls herself

red mad gorilla, she signs

the symbols with her thick, black

hands. When I was 5, I’d flap … (continue reading)

Like the brassy

echo of the heart expelled from an open

mouth, an instant

gunshot of string-ached vibration. Sing … (continue reading)

Temple bells in Ryoan-ji;

raked sand. The rake.

An Ant

beats on a log; … (continue reading)

One adolescent December, fingering

away last year’s wax from the family menorah,

it struck me that I’d have chosen the wrong side,

would have yearned to join the city scholars … (continue reading)

to have thought
with stagnation
… (continue reading)

For all I know I was meant to be
a microtonal
cartoon character … (
continue reading)

Hazard pay is grunting in your wallet.

The wildfires in Colorado remember your lungs,

dead boots, hands stretched into sparks on a cliff,

You ask me for some more beers, maybe pony rides … (continue reading)

I like the alarming

voices, the poets

that call a fire a fire

& scream at the heat … (continue reading)

it doesn’t matter

if the developing

shape is a

star … (continue reading)

Odysseus, get me a beer and don’t pump

quirky Trojan War stories into the air.

Sexy Circe, that’s who you’re thinking about … (continue reading)




before … (continue reading)

Have you seen the picture

of the hunter, his gun

beside him on a crate, and his dead

thylacine strung up by its feet … (continue reading)

The weatherman is prognosticating.

My neighbors are arguing like two deflating balloons

or like a brick on my back porch, with a tidal shaped

cleft in its jaw, which seems … (continue reading)

 Down at the Shepherd brothers’ fruit stand

was overheard the following comment: 

I Seen the ferryman down at Raby Bend yesterday

getting crosswise with some of the local boys … (continue reading)

Tramping slick fresh footsteps by lips

of sheer deep drops, after slipping out

from overtime past a last underpass &

off- ramps, lifted up a rifted cliff-face I’ve come … (continue reading)

The gulf is swollen

with Mississippi mud,

the men measured

by the creases of blood … (continue reading)