Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

The Dunes

Equipoise between

midnight and the timeless churn of sand.

Shaping and reshaping their crystalline tectonics

for this one night. It is all for this one night, when

they sizzle to the marrow several hundred thousand years

of being barely biologically mature—

for these two who celebrate

the human form

as if they were the first to resonate.

The trepidate touch, the inflamed taste.

Two alone, together, in the night

aim the arrowhead of desire

at the heart of flesh.

The infallibly perfect strike.

Chanting the beauty of clarified lust

obliquely at the power

of the moon.

Cygnus and Vega bear witness to their impassioned

dance with destiny.

Cinnamon infused scrub brush bursts

the scented hush and whisper

of the dunes—

and lying there they barely hear

the pulse of star dust,

drawn by the magnet of tongues,

amplification of arching backs

polarity of one.

About the Author

Bobby Steve Baker grew up on an Indian Reservation on the Canadian side of Lake Huron. He now divides his time between Lexington, Kentucky and a home on the Sauble River, holding to the soul of the Big Water. He has an MFA in Poetry from National University and several other expensive postgraduate indulgences. After a few decades on faculty in the College of Medicine, University of Kentucky, he now writes full time. He has published recently in the Stonecoast Review, Cold Mountain Review, Cloudbank, and solidago. His latest book is This Crazy Urge to Live (Linnet’s Wings Press).