Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

Porchlight Angel

Often she enters the darkness

of my slumbering mind,

her earnest eyes

—I don’t know what color—

holding me within their gentle crow’s feet

and laughter—

       Her low tones reach from the basement
       all the way up to those soul-windows.

Pane by pane, it breaks me

until she takes my elbow

and leads me

       into her staccato melody of moon and sky and heart—

Sometimes she strokes my hair.

Like against like, her hand is warm

against my head.

Then come tears I cannot name.

She speaks,

       and the words tip up my chin,

pulling me toward her

waiting arms.

This porchlight soul draws out

the moth in me—

       I flit and buzz for a chance at the light.

She catches me in her palm,

laughing again—

I have come apart entirely—

a cascade of tiny mirrors

and bits of earth—

and she calls it beautiful.

About the Author

Jen George is an umasked, uncaped, possibly unhinged superhero who writes things, works, takes care of her family, distracts herself with random projects while on a deadline, and studies fiction in the Stonecoast MFA program. Her first novella, Bufflye, appeared in Silver Pen’s online literary magazine, Youth Imagination.