Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

People Like You

I’ve been no more a dolt than most.
I’ve thrown a few stones I now regret.
Yet you, my love
believe in whole hearts,
and I believe in you.
There are people everywhere like you,
who believe,
and people everywhere like me,
who doubt.
People like me who drink
and lie away the day
and want to sleep
more than be awake,
who are propped up with sticks in the sand
by people like you with enough vigor
to keep shoveling,
as ocean waves consume us.

About the Author

Julie Wenglinski moved from St. Louis to Titusville, Florida in 1964 because her father worked for the space program. She paid her debt to society by working 30 years in IT and now resides and writes in Richmond, VA. She writes about struggle and humor, the meaning of things, the lack of meaning, the arbitrary, the absurd. She has had poetry and flash fiction published in Masque & Spectacle, Nonbinary Review, Inflectionist Review, The Switchgrass Review, and Parentheses.