Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

Nearing My Father's Childhood Home

Willimantic, Connecticut

I walk under maples in early autumn.

The canted light is changed and familiar.


Shadows dissolve into doorways

and eaves along Mansfield Avenue.


The air sifts a bite of woodsmoke,

wind brushing me like locust wings.


Unraked leaves in a ditch smell like rot,

the sweet-chill of a damp riverbed.


Starlings skitter above the house. In my steps

over the lawn, late blossoms spring into light.

About the Author

Jeffrey Alfier’s recent books include Fugue for a Desert Mountain, Anthem for Pacific Avenue, and The Red Stag at Carrbridge: Scotland Poems. Publication credits include Copper Nickel, Midwest Quarterly, Poetry Ireland Review, and The McNeese Review. He is founder and co-editor of Blue Horse Press and San Pedro River Review.