Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

Stonecoast Review | Winter 2017 | Fiction

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Featured Faculty Work:

All the Girls Love Michael Stein
by David Anthony Durham

Photography by Monica Jimenez

“I don’t know how much more of this I can take,” Michael Stein said.

“Indeed,” Pax sighed. “It breaks my heart. She just has to get through it, though. They always do, eventually.”

“But look at her!” Michael Stein said. “She’s…” He couldn’t think of the word. “She’s…”

“Inconsolable?” Pax offered… (continue reading)

My Grandfather’s River
by Brenda Cooper

Photography by Harshal Desai

I begin to make the river. The river. His river. The one my grandfather took me down the year I turned ten, and again the years of sixteen and twenty-five…(continue reading)

Surfacing – Three Voices
by Rebecca Brams

Art by Jenn Powers

When the dam breaks, the camp is asleep. In the lean-to tucked into a bend of San Francisquito Canyon, under the roof of cut-and-spread tin cans, María Elena is dreaming…(continue reading)

by Gregory Martin

Photography by Diane Martin

“It’s time to go, Dad,” Emily says.

She’s right, of course, but I figure I can stall for a few minutes longer. I kick the heat up a notch and wipe away a spot of condensation on the windshield… (continue reading)

Riding the Dragon
by Dan Stout

Photography by Peter Adrian Behravesh

With a grunt, the dragon pulled back a ribbed scale, exposing dark flesh that was soft as velvet and pocked with puncture wounds the size of grapes. Jessica took a breath, gripping the oversized hypodermic with sweaty hands as she lined it up to get a clean entry… (continue reading)