Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

Stillness: Inman Square

Written By: Alex MacConochie

Back-pocket days in early autumn,
Waiting at bus stops in tepid, thick light
And finding cicadas’ brittle, massive husks
Paper-eyed in birches’ narrow shade,
Living is being sun tea darkened
Warm hours in recycled jars, orange
Mums under coffee shop windows and squash
Bulbous and pebble-skinned in grocery store displays.

Find what shapes and folds them all together,
Hold it close and gather under blankets
Whatever’s left to give of days like these.

About the Author

Alex MacConochie is currently pursuing a PhD in English Literature at Boston University, where he teaches writing and directs a theater company devoted to the plays of Shakespeare’s lesser-known contemporaries. His poems have appeared in Cargo, Vilas Avenue, the Fredericksburg Literary and Arts Review, and elsewhere.