Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

My Uncle After Ten Years' Grieving

Written By: William Thompson

When he stands in the doorway looking down,
and when he looks towards the garden gate,
the windows letting light across the room,
and when he picks at runner beans between
the tall allotment stands and wears the hat
he bought on holiday in Norfolk—bought
with grow bags, seeds and anti-insect nets—
and when he stands and washes at the sink
then limps upstairs with swollen knees to bed,
when I watch him watch the evening news,
or hear him breathing in the dark, I imagine
steps approaching doors, fluorescent coats,
the flashing light of sirens in the road,
policemen asking kindly to come in.

About the Author

William Thompson / Stonecoast Review / Issue 7 / Summer 2017 / Poetry / My Uncle After Ten Year's Grieving

William Thompson is a postgraduate student at the University of Bristol and a graduate of the University of Leeds where he studied English and French Literature. His work has appeared in Helicon Magazine and the Bristol Poetry Anthology, and has been accepted by Anima Poetry Press.