Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

Changing Perspectives

Written By: Alita Pirkopf


The glass pitcher
slipped onto the floor
near my bare feet.
Wholeness turned
into large broken pieces
and smaller splinters, shards:
the tiniest, almost invisible bits,
sparkled in far corners.

I cleaned up carefully,
catching, outside
my kitchen window,
a glimpse of trees and sky—
outside, of course,
but also outside expectations
of my being the perfect housewife,
Angel in the House.


An article on
Piero della Francesca
lies before me, carefully cut out,
more valuable to me than  diamonds—
brightening, reflecting, through words,
Francesca’s interests outside
the previous perfect painter’s role,
outside accepted Medieval beliefs,
outside his window and in nature.

About the Author

Alita Pirkopf / Stonecoast Review / Issue 7 / Summer 2017 / Poetry / Changing Perspectives

After growing up in Seattle, Alita attended Middlebury College in Vermont. Later, she received a Master’s degree in English Literature from the University of Denver. She became increasingly interested in feminist interpretations of literature. Eventually, she enrolled in a poetry seminar, and poetry became a long-term focus and necessity.