Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine


Written By: Bill Glose

First flakes fall,
white moths fluttering

at dusk. Specks
settle on leaves,

dust limns branches
like gilt trim

on ancient text,
no hint this slow

flexing muscle
intends to choke

color out of every
smothered shape,

claim this world
as its own.

About the Author

Bill Glose / Stonecoast Review / Issue 7 / Summer 2017 / Poetry / Roadside Vegetable & Blizzard

Bill Glose is a former paratrooper and author of three poetry collections, including Half a Man, whose poems arise from his experiences as a combat platoon leader in Iraq. Whenever possible, he undertakes intriguing pursuits—such as walking across Virginia and participating in a world-record-setting skinny dip—to write about for magazines. In 2011, he was named the Daily Press Poet Laureate. His poems have appeared in numerous journals, including The Missouri Review, Narrative Magazine, Poet Lore, and Atlanta Review.