Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

Stonecoast Review | Summer 2017 | Fiction

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Featured Faculty Work: Sing, Pilgrim! by James Patrick Kelly

Sing, Pilgrim / James Kelly / Stonecoast Review / Summer 2017

The chair first appeared on a Thursday afternoon on the sidewalk in front of the Dollar Bank and Trust on Lancaster Street in Pulaski, Kansas. Nobody saw how it got there; at least, no reliable eyewitnesses have ever come forward. So we are unable to pinpoint the exact moment of its arrival. Customers began to ask the tellers about it shortly after lunch … (continue reading)

For You When You Need to Remember
by Sarah Kuntz Jones

For You When You Need To Remember / Sarah Kuntz Jones / Fiction / Stonecoast Review / Issue 7 / Summer 2017

My eyes burned—whether from exhaustion or the smoky dark licking at the headlights, I couldn’t say. You dozed in the passenger seat with The Notebook on your lap, your finger holding a place—though you hadn’t been able to read since the sun’s light faded behind us … (continue reading)

The Cat-eyed Man and the Brass Woman / Fiction / Charlie Allison / Stonecoast Review / Summer 2017

If you ever visit New Valencia-on-the-Water, about an hour’s train ride from the capital, you’ll see a mighty strange thing. Course, it’s normal for the folk populatin’ the town—I reckon that people can get used to anything with enough time. I may as well tell you about it … (continue reading)