Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

Stonecoast Review | Summer 2017 | Creative Nonfiction

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Index for W: Growing Up XX
by Aysia Noelle Torres

Photography by Roger Camp

XX was taught that her worth was determined by how much money she earned, 1-9 
Are women worth less than men if they make less money?  4-12 
See also: Worth, Worthless
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by Alice Lowe

Photography by Jayne Marek

I rewarded myself with a tattoo for my seventieth birthday, a three-inch-high quill pen—feather, nib, and swirling trail of ink—on my ankle. The quill symbolizes my identity as a writer and pays homage to my muse, Virginia Woolf … (continue reading)

For the Love of Apples
by Michael Bendzela

Photography by John Chavers

2015 was a memorable year in our little apple grove. A massacre. One for the books. The delayed spring kept the trees in dormancy longer, so the blossoms—prolific after last year’s off-season—didn’t open until after all danger of freezing had passed … (continue reading)