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Every Volume Hides an 'X' Inside

Written By: Kasandra Larsen

The books hypnotize in their orange and yellow jackets,
emphatic graphic scripts, draw her into their arguments:
A Night at the Opera pushes against What the Dog Saw. Othello

wiggles his way closer to The Reader. The volumes mate, multiply
overnight, pages whispering. No matter how quietly she creeps out
in socks, they appear stilled, pressing against each other to stifle

laughter. Before she knows it, she sees them everywhere, keening
for homes, lugs them back to her seed of a study in doubled plastic
from the thrift store, shoving them into her bulging purse, saved

from the maw of the library’s black dumpster with their shameful
marks: Discarded. Tucked under her arm after finding them abandoned
in bent and dusty boxes by the roadside, she knows eventually

they will take over. But right now, it’s back to flipping pages to enter
as many versions of the world, searching for the tattered map,
the heavy buried box, the brass skeleton key to unlock treasure

in her throat: all the ways to finally say it.

About the Author

Kasandra Larsen - Poetry

Kasandra Larsen recently relocated “home” to New England to be closer to family after spending nearly 15 years in New Orleans. She has poetry most recently in Stoneboat Literary Journal, Literary Juice, and The Lake (UK). Nominated twice for both a Pushcart Prize as well as a Best of the Net Award, her chapbook, STELLAR TELEGRAM, won the 2009 Sheltering Pines Press Chapbook Competition. Her full-length manuscript, CONSTRUCTION, has made it to the finalist phase in a publishing contest. She continues to revise it and send it out. She is a CPA who works as an accountant at the Providence Public Library.

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