Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

One thousand two hundred seventy-seven days post-traumatic

Written By: Daniele DeAngelis Hunter

My least favorite statistic: Those
once abused
are more likely to suffer future abuse
than those left untouched.

I quake whenever I have an opinion in front of you.

Not in my voice
or my hands
my pinky toe specter-taps
when you purse your lips at me
the yellowest corner of my brain

I am touched;
I am never untouched.
I am orange;
never red.

About the Author

Daniele DeAngelis Hunter - Poetry - Post-Traumatic

Daniele DeAngelis Hunter is twenty-five years young, but her soul feels much older. An avid lover of colors and words, she graduated from Drew University with specialized honors in creative writing. She works in the publishing industry and lives in New Jersey with the wife she never thought she’d have. She has also been published under the name Daniele DeAngelis Walker.

Daniele’s work can be found in: The Nassau Review, Tell Us A Story, Halfway Down The Stairs, Juked, Jet Fuel Review, Burningword Literary Journal, and Crack the Spine. She is the fiction editor for The Birch Gang Review, and her attempted debut novel lives in the Drew University library.