Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

Free Summer Meals

Written By: Kasandra Larsen

We’re skinny kids, some
with moms, straggling into line, the sun a waxy
lemon pushed through a bruised plum sky.

The boys are all Bruce Lee spins
and karate kicks, flopping into the grass, girls
double-dutching on the blacktop lot. Mothers

with humid faces look up for rain; ours looks down
into a crumpled brown bag: little
milk carton of red and white, plastic

sandwich bag of soft white bread with one slice
of gray turkey or a perfect circle of bologna. The dented
plum you give your mother, and the crusts

ripped off. On better days, the milk
is chocolate. On the best days,
a bright banana and nobody’s hair

getting pulled, ass getting kicked, no one cutting
in line for a second bag. Nobody going home empty
like the sagging cardboard boxes

kicked back home to build good forts, the baggies
smashed into pockets
for a father to recycle on a Friday night.

About the Author

Kasandra Larsen - Poetry

Kasandra Larsen recently relocated “home” to New England to be closer to family after spending nearly 15 years in New Orleans. She has poetry most recently in Stoneboat Literary Journal, Literary Juice, and The Lake (UK). Nominated twice for both a Pushcart Prize as well as a Best of the Net Award, her chapbook, STELLAR TELEGRAM, won the 2009 Sheltering Pines Press Chapbook Competition. Her full-length manuscript, CONSTRUCTION, has made it to the finalist phase in a publishing contest. She continues to revise it and send it out. She is a CPA who works as an accountant at the Providence Public Library.

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