Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

Making Amends

Written By: Amanda Johnston

When my father called after 39 years of silence, I was busy picking up my children from school, asking about their day, driving them home, fixing their dinner, washing clothes, checking their homework, endless pages of homework, the baby’s science project, planets and stars, I was deep in the Milky Way, we were carving a sun, I was drawing electricity from a potato, the science of finding power, the source, I was washing the dishes, we were brushing our teeth, scrubbing the sour day from our tongues, baby found a cavity, a crater of responsibility, I was kissing away the pain, making plans for tomorrow, there would be treatment, an ointment, a fix for the ache, I was busy kissing foreheads, tucking my heart between the sheets, reading stories, we were busy planting dreams in a tended garden with endless rows to till.

About the Author

Amanda Johnston earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Southern Maine. Her poetry and interviews have appeared in numerous online and print publications, among them, Kinfolks QuarterlyMuzzlePluck! and the anthologies, Small Batchdi-ver-city and The Ringing Ear: Black Poets Lean South. The recipient of multiple Artist Enrichment grants from the Kentucky Foundation for Women and the Christina Sergeyevna Award from the Austin International Poetry Festival, she is a member of the Affrilachian Poets and a Cave Canem graduate fellow. Johnston is a Stonecoast MFA faculty member, a co-founder of Black Poets Speak Out, and founding executive director of Torch Literary Arts.

Facebook: /poetamandajohnston
Twitter: @amejohnston