Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

This is a Love Poem

Written By: Jennifer van Alstyne

For Matthew

Two conch shells on the counter of my sink
Kiss. The mirrors splattered with toothpaste
Dots from mouths rushed in morning routine.
Cats tongue water drips, rough pad on smooth
Porcelain. This is the place of our orifices
Of routine, water washes it clean, white tile
Wiped from hard water stains building. Blood
Too, leaves microdrops from surgical-sharp
Tweezers and stubborn ingrown hairs from the
Neck of my lover who, in mornings, examines
His skin with more scrutiny than I have looked
At any aspect of mine. I clean the fluids of our
Being off these surfaces with strokes, fluid,
Tip soiled paper towels into white plastic bags.

Somewhere, already, we disintegrate beside
Each other, pulped paper, chemicals, love.

About the Author

Jennifer van Alstyne - This is a Love Poem

Jennifer van Alstyne has been published numerous journals including The Foundling Review, Paper Nautilus, The Yellow Chair Review, and Whiskey Traveler. Her chapbook, Pelt, was a finalist for the Paper Nautilus Vella Chapbook Award. She holds an M.F.A. from Naropa University where she was the Jack Kerouac Fellow and is currently a graduate fellow in Linguistics at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.