Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

Featured Faculty Poet: Amanda Johnston

Making Amends
by Amanda Johnston

Adorable Monique - Waiting for your Love (Illustration)

Peeling Potatoes
by Amanda Johnston

Sara Kirschner - Peeled (Photography)

I Embrace You
by Amanda Johnston

Sandeep Kumar Mishra - Jungle Queen

Weegee: Escape from the Heat
by Aaron Fischer

Sara Kirschner - Chipping Away (Photography)

Summer Camp Socials
by Jacob M. Appel

Adorable Monique - Eclipsed (Illustration)

Day 532

by Hillary Kobernick

Sara Kirschner - Please (Photography)


by Alia Hussain Vancrown

Sara Kirschner - Ohio (Photography)

Pothole Manifesto
by Richard Krohn

Sandeep Kumar Mishra - Light Speed

Arion as a Child
by Rebecca Starks

Carla Stein - Leap of Faith (Acrylic)

Music Lesson
by Rebecca Starks

Stacie McCall Whitaker - Songbird

What to Feed a Ghost
by Pat Daneman

Fabrice Poussin - Tea Time Some Day

Months in Eulogy
by Johnna Ossie

Carla Stein - Two Views – Sea to Land (Mixed Media)

by Bhaswati Ghosh

W Jack Savage - Madeline Island Crossing

This is a Love Poem
by Jennifer van Alstyne

Sara Kirschner - Pieces Of Us

Free Summer Meals
by Kasandra Larsen

Sara Kirschner - Bagged Lunch (Photography)

Monody for a Leading Man
by Beatriz F. Fernandez

Fabrice Poussin - Waiting to Be

Sea Stacks
by Noelle Sullivan

Stacie McCall Whitaker - Blasket Stacks (Photography)