Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine


editor-­in-­chief, Stacie McCall-Whitaker

managing editor, Peter Adrian Behravesh

creative nonfiction editor, Catharine Murray

fiction editor, Casey Martinson

poetry editor, David Arroyo

readers, Clif Travers, Cliff Johns, Jess Flarity, John Christopher Nelson, Karalynn Elizabeth Moran, Kate Kastelein, Lew Andrada, Lilly Cary, Maxene Kupperman-Guiñals, Meredith MacEachern, Minerva Canto, Nikki Sambitsky, Pam Joplin, Rebecca Kightlinger, Suri Parmar

copy editors, Rebecca Kightlinger, John Christopher Nelson

founding editor, Alexandria Delcourt

faculty advisor, Justin Tussing

special thanks to Cameron Gibson, Justin Behravesh, Lew Andrada, Sara Kirschner, and Sean Lees for volunteering their time and expertise to the art and literary works in this issue.