Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

Pillar of Salt
by Jacob M. Appel

Stacie McCall Whitaker - Fog / Stonecoast Maine

On an otherwise inconsequential April afternoon four months ago, while strolling along Owls Point Beach in Laurendale, Rhode Island, my wife of twenty-one years, Edith Quarterman—a loving, attractive yet essentially unremarkable marine ecologist and mother of three—transformed, without fair warning or apparent justification, into a pillar of salt. Here is how it happened … (continue reading)

Non Compos Mentis
by Keith Fentonmiller

Christopher Woods - The Cold Trees (Photography)

Even the most pedestrian legal dispute may rest on a foundation of unprovable or even impossible facts.[1] The following hypothetical is illustrative. Suppose, as a Catholic priest steps into a confessional, his foot breaks violently through the wooden floor, and he incurs a grievous ankle injury—torn flesh, snapped sinews, Commandment-breaking expletives, etc. … (continue reading)

We are, All of Us, Old Dogs Here
by Connie Corzilius

Christopher Woods - A World Out There (Photography)

The thing is, Jane doesn’t really want to help. Not this time. She doesn’t like the way the whole thing sounds. Like something that will stir her up. Something she’ll have to defend to Tom.

“Sure,” she says, then hangs up the phone. Because, after all, she’s a doer—the kind of woman who comes through in a pinch when there’s no one else to call. Well. She likes to think so. … (continue reading)

by Richard C. Rutherford

Hannah Walsh - Telecult Power III Alignment

We had no choice. Looking back while running forward, we ran to the trees, ran under their protective canopy. And it was just natural to reach up and grab a low branch, brachiate. An arboreal life is smooth, flowing. Hands callous, arms stretch, the hips sag and the toes point. In the beginning, we had casualties … (continue reading)