Stacie McCall Whitaker - Stone Coast, Maine

Stonecoast Review | Winter 2016 | Creative Nonfiction

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by Bill Stauffer

Fabrice Poussin - The Fire Inside

Douglas woke with his head buried beneath his pillow and his morning still dark. It was only after his dream evaporated into wakefulness that he remembered he had two things to be happy about … (continue reading)

Training Ground: Tokyo
by Holly H. Jones

Keith Moul - Above Lewiston (Photography - Road Shot)

The Canadian teacher calls it the train game. The other teachers in our English-language school call it twisted. I’m a year out of Smith College, new to Tokyo, and more sponge than conversationalist. I don’t call anything anything yet … (continue reading)

by DeLon Howell

Darrell Urban Black - Black Sun Rising (Acrylic on Canvas)

A giant, grizzled man bursts from the ground as if rising after having been buried alive,
his only visible parts those he’s managed to free: his bearded face, mouth agape as if screaming
or gasping for air
 … (continue reading)