Keith Moul

Visual Artist: Photography

About the Artist

Keith Moul - Artist - Issue 6

My poems and photos are published widely.  Finishing Line Press released my chap, The Future as a Picnic Lunch, in November, 2015.  Aldrich Press published Naked Among Possibilities in August and accepted No Map at Hand for 2017; Finishing Line will publish Investment in Idolatry later in 2016.

Twitter: @keithrpoet
Contact: Keith Moul / 201 Fogarty Ave. / Port Angeles, WA 98362
               360-504-2049 /

Artist Statement:
I do not restrict my subject matter except to common decency.  Good photos require good light, or at least enough light to manipulate with editing software.  Any photo taken may produce at least one version of itself that is worth retaining; often it contains more than one version by cropping the original.  I never alter content by eliminating part of it or changing its position within the frame.

I alter an original photo with six priorities in mind:

  • High resolution
  • High color saturation
  • Maximum contrast
  • Superior brightness
  • Depth of subject, especially on landscapes or panoramic views; or roundness of more intimate subjects
  • Beauty, which I detect in form, color, texture or even ugliness/disorder

Therefore, I do not seek “realism,” but vibrancy.