Hannah Irene Walsh

Visual Artist: Drawing, Painting and Mixed Media

About the Artist

Hannah Irene Walsh - Artist / Stonecoast Review Literary Journal - Winter 2016, Issue 6

Hannah Irene Walsh was born and lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and is a multimedia artist and writer. Her visual narratives of invented mythologies interweave with representations of herself and other empowered female bodies and their animal alter-egos. Her drawings explore the shameless sensuality and primal aspect of womanhood, lavished with hand-carved frames, altar constructions, video installation, and sculptures made from natural and man-made items. All of these images and objects, imbued with the artist-magician’s touch, come together in a ritual space that serves as a stage for her creative and meditative processes. She is currently a third-year Drawing/Painting MFA candidate at Arizona State University. Her graduate thesis exhibition, Altar Spaces/ Alter Egos, will be at the Harry Wood Gallery from April 3-7, 2017.