Stonecoast Review Issue 5

After the Full Moon

Written By: Richard Weaver

As I crawled through the bulrushes
around the lagoon’s edge
looking for a nest of grackles,
a hungry young pelican
mistook me for lunch,
and tried as I crawled
to swallow my bare foot.
Even after I kicked at him
and called him a fool
he came back.
He must have thought
I was the world’s largest snail.
The more I shook my fist and swore
the more determined he was
to have my foot as a snack,
until I sat in the mud
with my sketchbook
and drew and drew until he tired
of my art, or else the wind
called him home.

Richard Weaver resides in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. His publications include Poetry, Vanderbilt Poetry Review, North American Review, Crazy Horse, The Black Warrior Review, and the New England Review, among others. Forthcoming poems will be appearing in the Southern Quarterly Review.

Facebook: /richard.weaver.3194