Stonecoast Review Issue 5

Dear Readers,

The Stonecoast Review staff is proud to present Issue No. 5. In addition to our twenty-three literary contributors, this issue features work from seven visual artists working in multiple mediums. We are excited to showcase such depth and talent in the pages of our journal.

During our most recent submission period, we received work from eleven countries across four continents and from every region of the United States. The Stonecoast Review staff read and reviewed over six hundred and fifty literary works. From those, we selected twenty-seven for publication.

In Issue No. 5, you will find work from emerging artists and seasoned artists alike. Some of our contributors are world-travelers while some are small town folk, and their works collectively embody the universal human experience. The literature in this publication addresses age and gender as well as cultural and historical perspectives. The accompanying art captures the essence of these works.

Thank you to USM and Stonecoast MFA faculty members Ted Deppe and Breena Clarke for contributing to this edition, and thank you to the entire Stonecoast Review staff for working so hard to make this issue a success. Finally, a special thanks to our founding editor, Alexandria Delcourt, and the preceding editorial staffs for their vision and commitment.

To all our contributors of art and literature for Issue No. 5: These pages would be blank without you.

We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Stacie McCall-Whitaker

Jennifer Castello-Scott