Stonecoast Review Issue 5

Toby Penney

Untitled Poem by Simon Perchik / Artist: Toby Penney

Toby Penney is a southern artist working in paint, photography, printmaking & multiple sculpture media. She creates work accepting, even glorifying simple objects & fleeting moments. There is a distinct emphasis on memory and history in her work. Energy and wisdom of the past are exposed via Penney’s manipulation of the reclaimed fabric, fibers, and objects incorporated into her pieces.

Penney’s work can be found in corporate collections and museums. A few publications include the cover of Professional Artist Magazine along with features in Ink & Arrows, and Polonium II, a book by David Downs, among others.

Instagram: @TobyPenney

Twitter: @TobyPenney

Discover more by contacting representatives at Moberg Gallery in Des Moines, Iowa or Bill Lowe Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.