Stonecoast Review | Issue No. 4| Winter 2015


Crossing / Jeanne Marie Beaumont

In a city that was not my own I crossed
a bridge over the river and wandered a long while.

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Reading Dickinson

A Safe enticed ― what could it hold ―
My fingers played the sequenced Lock.
I dialed slowly ― to and fro …

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Memories of Frogs / Daniel Hudon

The silence before Basho’s frog jumps in.

like a groaning bleat from an unhappy goat or sheep
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Natural History / Nicodemis Nicoludis


The floor
hits especially cold

The lake front … (continue reading)

Peninsula as Divorcee / A.C. Stinton

The Eastern Shore of Maryland
Heaven and earth have never agreed better
to frame a place for man’s habitation.
-from Captain John Smith’s journal … (continue reading)

Infidelity / Rosemarie Dombrowski

You come home on a Monday and I tell you
that I’m in love with the decomposing bird
that’s been tucked under the hibiscus for months … (continue reading)

Helix by Virginia Thoman

A single beam of blue-white streetlight
comes streaking through the blinds.
If only the pine outside my window … (
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The Migration of Trees by Daniel Hudon / Photo by Sara Kirschner

What if the trees are still deciding what to become, taking their time, meditating in place, humming a lower-than-low mantra on the nature of being, soaking up the sun  … (continue reading)

On the Color Black by Paulette Guerin

If not mined, then molded
of charred bone.

From the Old English blaec,
meaning “ink.” … (continue reading)